Over 30 Speakers and 70 Presentations! 

The Catholics INFormation Conference is to help our laity hear God’s call, discern their vocation, experience a formation process, and grow in confidence in their mission to help evangelize their homes, neighborhoods, and the world.

We’re not trying to make you priests and nuns - but we’re trying to help you to be the Catholic you are called to be!

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A Practical Ecumenism for the Parishioner
The Church’s Social Justice Teachings
Understanding the Relationship between Church and Politics
The Sacramental Life: Making It Real for Your Family
Developing a Real Prayer Life for the Busy Catholic
Keeping Peace In Your Family

Making the Liturgy Come to Life
Dealing with Difficult Moral Topics
How to Discern Your Vocation: As a Lay Person
Dealing with Mental, Emotional or Physical Illness
Dealing with the Tyranny of Relativism
And more unique and dynamic presentations!

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